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Anti-Inflammatory Protein Balls

Anti-inflammatory protein balls - makes approx 12 balls


  • 1/2 cup nut butter (runny), we’ve made this with both almond and peanut butter so far but you could use any nut or even seed butter here

  • 2 TBSP pure maple syrup

  • 1-3 TBSP unsweetened plant based milk (depending on how runny your nut butter is)

  • 1/4 cup plant based protein powder. We’ve used both Four Sigmatic and SunWarrior brands

  • 2 TBSP ground flax seeds = 4 grams protein, 4 grams fiber approx 3 g omega3

  • 2 TBSP hemp seeds = 10 G protein 2.5 g omega 3

  • 2 TBSp chia seeds = 8g fiber 4 g protein 4 g omega3

  • 2 TBSP 70%+ cocoa + dairy free chocolate chips


Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl until combined. It’s that easy! Place dough in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to firm up a bit. I used a TBSP to portion out the balls, roll them in your hands and place on parchment paper. We keep ours in the fridge or freezer for an easy grab and go snack.

Why we love this:


The diversity of seeds in these balls add up to a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids. This healthy fat is good for while body inflammation which is at the root cause of most systemic diseases and aging. They come in at around 1g/ball!

High in protein!

With around 5g plant based protein/ball these are powerful and satiating little treats. Getting enough protein in your diet, in particular when you’re active, is essential for proper weight managent and muscle gains.


You’ll hear us cheer for more and more fiber always as the stat is most people aren’t getting enough for optimal gut health and longevity. Again the other key point is the diversity of where that fiber is coming from! And these balls accomplish that. With 3 different superfood seeds, nuts and plant based protein powder, these have a lot to brag about when it comes to nourishing your gut microbiome.

So simple to make!

Probably one of our easiest. No bake. Perfect for hot summer days when you don’t want to turn on the oven or when you’re busy but still want to control your ingredients of your snacks rather than buying store bought.

* Oat free ball recipe alternative. Some of our clients struggle with oats. This could be for a number of reasons, possibly gut dysbiosis, and until their gut heals (we are so passionate about coaching our clients around gut health and healing an unhealthy gut!) they may not feel comfortable with oats.

Stay healthy,



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