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We are glad you have landed here and we would love to get to know you and your goals, or even the areas of your life you seek relief or change within. 

Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions for viewing. 


Please feel free to also send us your unique questions or give us a little chance to get to know you better via the button below. 

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Some of our FAQs


If I monitor my calories isn’t that enough?

NO.  It’s more about the quality of the calories we are concerned with, it is with nutrient-dense foods that we fuel our bodies and will live long limitless lives.  Not all calories are created equal.  Some support performance, cognition, energy, bodyweight management and some are most certainly detrimental to those.  Modern science shows us that the adage calories in equals calories out are outdated and old-school thought.

I have high blood pressure can you help me to regulate it? Absolutely, we can provide education and support around what lifestyle and nutrition habits can help control your blood pressure. Controlling blood pressure is a multi-faceted topic that requires an in-depth look into each client's lifestyle ie diet, activity level, stress, sleep etc. Genetics can have a role in high blood pressure though just like other conditions we know that controlling your genetic expression (epigenetics) has a huge lifestyle and nutrition component. 



Will a decrease in saturated fat intake reduce heart disease? It’s much more complicated.  The source, quantity, and quality of your saturated fat intake is more important than a simple reduction.  Everyone’s needs are different that’s why we take an individual approach with each client. 


Is the Keto-Diet good to try, and what is your take on dieting?  Again an individual approach is more important than any kind of fad diet.  We take the approach of prescribing a diet philosophy that fits each individual client.  Speaking to the Keto-diet question, we have used a prescribed a keto diet to clients for specific and individual purposes.  The thing with the keto-diet is it has to be done properly just like any other specific diet.  Any diet whether it be vegan, keto, paleo, etc can be unhealthy if not done properly.  



What dietary philosophy is your Nutrition Coaching built on? Food and lifestyle as medicine.  Whole-food, plant-based focused nutrition. Educating our clients on WHY adding certain nutraceuticals to their diet can help whole body health, as well as specific health issues.  It is not just the food we consume but how we talk to ourselves, how we move our bodies, whom we spend our time with, and how we rest/sleep that truly adds up to living HI-vibe.


What is the difference between a Health and Nutritional Coach?  Nutrition just happens to be where the vast majority of people with health issues need the most help or guidance.  However, you cant just focus on nutrition ie we focus on whole-body health, nutrition being one pillar. A lot of people resonate with nutrition so that is why we have it in our name. 



How does health coaching work? Every client is different and needs a personalized program, that’s why cookie-cutter diets and programs often don’t last.  We try and get to the root cause of clients' health concerns and challenges, educate and support them along their journey to make daily changes that will add up to a lifetime of better health.  Most often a one-off coaching session has little impact, that’s why we believe in our 90-day hi-vibe coaching package.  Undoing poor habits, incorporating new habits with the education around nutrition and lifestyle takes time.  We start by doing a free discovery call with our potential clients to see if we are a good fit for each other.  Next, we send them a detailed questionnaire that collects the necessary data that allows us to build a personalized strategy around their needs.  After that, we build a daily and weekly schedule around eating habits, daily activity, work and family schedule, etc. We tailor foods, recipes, supplements, eating patterns around each clients goals.  We have weekly calls to hold them accountable and offer any modifications if needed to the strategic plan throughout their journey.  

Do you help with hormonal imbalance? Absolutely! Hormonal imbalance is one of the biggest challenges our clients face as so many factors are in play.  From aging to lifestyle choices and nutrition, to anxiety and stress.  Maintaining hormonal balance is critical to living your best life.  We help our clients create habits around stress management, gut health, sleep, weight management, etc. 

Can my diet affect my emotional wellbeing? Absolutely! If we are fuelling our bodies with nutrient-poor, inflammatory foods we disrupt key hormones that regulate mood and energy.  A constant pro-inflammatory diet creates chronic whole-body inflammation that leads to a cascade of issues for the gut-brain axis.  Up to 90% of serotonin (one of our feel-good hormones) is made in our gut and by nourishing our gut through the food choices we make daily, we can directly impact our emotional wellbeing. 

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We always look forward to meeting new people and discovering their goals, their talents and also areas they want to improve upon. 


Living a vibrant HI-VIBE life is our greatest love... and so sharing this vibe with others becomes our greatest passion as well.

Look forward to meeting you!

Big Love, 

Allison & Ryan


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