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Ryan has over 20 years of coaching experience. As a KION Coach and Master Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Ryan knows how to optimize your performance and take your active lifestyle to the next level. He provides full detailed instructions on performance, longevity, recovery, fat loss digestion, brain, sleep, hormone optimization and more. He leads by example pushing himself both physically and mentally, showing his clients that he is with them every step of the way. 




Allison has a BSc in physiology and a doctorate in optometry. She's always been passionate about health and nutrition. Being in clinical practice for years has shown Allison that the eyes are the windows to your overall health. She has learned through her work that by the time disease is present within the eye (which can result in vision loss) it is often too late. These situations could often be avoided by lifestyle and health modifications. Her concerns for the greater well-being of her clients led her to become certified as a Master Health and Nutrition Coach. 


For Allison, it’s about giving her clients the education to empower themselves to not only enhance and preserve their sight but to live vibrantly in all aspects of life. 

Prevention is power... Thus HI VIBE was born. 



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Us as a Couple

We share a passion for health, adventure and fueling our body to feel our best.

Putting our resources together, you get high performance and disease prevention. We believe we set ourselves apart from other coaches as a husband and wife team because we have a lot of experience and a lot of passion for what we teach.

to learn how vibrant you can truly feel and achieve a limitless lifestyle. 


Our health coaching is an interactive process. It's all about action, accountability and follow-through.
Because of this, health coaching tends to be more program-based (meeting regularly over
the course of several months), rather than a one-time visit in which you receive a diagnosis and

If you're ready to finally experience how Good it feels to transform the way you approach your health, your hustle and your state of mind...

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