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Ryan & Allison Ellis


Combining ancestral wisdom, leading-edge science, and evidence-based protocols gathered from extensive experience and education, we help you live the healthy, happy, long lives you deserve!

As a husband and wife team with a true passion to make the world healthier,  our clients benefit from the diversity of our expertise and knowledge.

Learn how vibrant you can truly feel and achieve a limitless lifestyle.

We teach you how to...

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Not all nutrition coaches are created equal. As nutrition coaches, we use food as medicine. We implement diet strategies that suit each client, whatever their needs are - from weight loss to helping with serious health issues like autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety, gut dysbiosis, GI issues, etc. We educate, support, guide, and hold each client accountable. For example: Educating that nutrition doesn’t just mean diet. Nutrition is anything that feeds you mentally, physically, and spiritually.


What exactly does Nutrition Coach mean?


Who is your program for?

Anyone who is ready to make a change in their lives and in particular how they feel.  Hi-Vibe truly is a feeling and a lifestyle.  To live Hi-vibe is to fuel your body with the best food, movement, hydration, sleep, mindset to set up your day and in turn, set up your life.  When we feel our best the possibilities in life are endless.  As Hi-vibe we not only educate you and guide you to leading your best life but our goal in doing so is to enhance longevity and provide you with tools to not only feel and look your best today but for years to come.


Do you offer meal plans? 

Not necessarily... We educate about nutrition and in turn provide coaching around meals, recipes, portion sizes, supplementation, and eating for a purpose.  We collaborate with each client to set guidelines around food that fit into their goals. We do not focus on counting macros, we focus on what we can add to your diet rather than take away, food is medicine and we teach you how to approach your diet like this. It is our mission to help each client set sustainable, long-term healthy habits around food and nutrition.  No fad diets here. It's all about making this a lifestyle and personalizing the plan for each of our clients' goals.


This isn't your average health and nutrition page. 

(our blog: our way of giving big love)

It is much more than that. When we set out on this journey we really struggled with trying to get our passions and purpose communicated properly - What is living Hi-Vibe? We researched other health coaching websites and what we found was most are just focussed solely on nutrition and that’s simply not us. Our education and experience goes well beyond simply how you fuel yourself.... We are passionate about the whole shebang!  

Yes, eating a variety of nutrient-dense, delicious food is a huge part, but that’s just one of many aspects of what we call living Hi-Vibe. We have a deep understanding that we can help people optimize their health best by really encompassing the whole picture - Nutrition, Sleep, Activity and Spirit.

  • Nutrition: Eat with purpose and intention. It’s our job to help you understand that food truly is medicine, though a medicine that you can get a lot of joy from, even the healthiest.

  • Sleep: This is the foundation of Living Hi-Vibe. Sleep often gets swept under the rug as an afterthought, but in truth, sleep is king when it comes to your healthspan.

  • Activity: Otherwise often tagged as “fitness” but we believe an active body is a healthy body, in or out of the gym. Activity encompasses the importance of getting outside, going on an adventure, playing sports or simply staying active each and every day!

  • Spirit: Whatever this means to you, it’s vitally important. Whether it be a mindfulness or gratitude practice, or your faith, spirituality, or community.

The Hi-Vibe life is making small daily choices that set up your future self to live vibrantly and adventurously, to be able to be of service to your loved ones and community!


Living Hi-Vibe is maintaining the ability to do all the things you love, at the level you like to do them, for as long as you can! 

We are here to Empower you, Educate you, and Elevate you - every step of the way.

Live the

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Ryan & Allison helped us get passionate about fitness, and that led us to want to sustain ourselves with nutritious food. It’s been the most incredible life-altering journey, and we couldn’t have succeeded without both their guidance, reassurance and encouragement.


~ Dee & Greta~



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